Online Casinos: Slot Machine Myths & Slot Machine Facts Explained On Slotland

Author: Cristina Morena

I have been to many land based casinos and played many online casinos as well. The astronomical slot machine myths are just unreal in today’s day and age! Everywhere I go to play I hear or see some of these myths actually being done with the same outcome every time. The slot myths do not increase the chance of a win, nor do they increase the amount of the win.

Let’s go over some of the most popular slot machine myths that are out there and explain a little more about slot machine facts. Since knowledge is power, being educated in the Hows and the Whys of playing slot machines can only increase your chances of playing responsibly.

Slot Myths

  • Slot machines pay at certain times of day or night: This is not correct at all! Slot machines are operated by what is called a number generator that spins and stops at random. The selection or sequence of numbers is what determines whether you win or lose.
  • Slot machine just hit a jackpot, it won’t hit again for awhile: Again false. This random number generator comes into play again on this one. The random number generator is like putting names in a hat and drawing one out. The odds are slim, but it could still happen that your machine would win a jackpot twice.
  • Playing a slot machine for long periods of time will increase a jackpot win: Again this is very much untrue. The number generator is the key to any type of win, no matter if it was won 1 minute ago or 10 days ago it is what determines when and what you win.
  • Betting one coin or token at a time will increase pay outs: The computer components that run the slot machine have no clue and no way of knowing what you bet amount is. The amount of you bet only determines the amount you win, not the outcome if you win or not.
  • The casino is watching and picking who wins by the amount of money they play: TOTALLY FALSE! The casino, whether it be online or land based have no way to control the outcome of your gambling experience. They can however tell how much you have played if you are playing with a player’s card, but they have no way to control if you win or not. This falls right back into that random number generators hands.

These are some of the most common misconceptions and slot myths, there are many more out there, but the bottom line is common sense. Play responsibly, have a set budget, and remember, gambling is gambling, you win some you lose some. Enjoy yourself; this is what it is all about!

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