Online Bingo Tips – 10 Ways to a Better Bingo Experience

Bingo is basically a game of chance or luck if you will. In other words it is virtually out of your control. Unless of course you believe in superstitions such as lucky chairs or your daily horoscopes. Regardless of this there are still a few things that you can do to better your chances of winning and having a fulfilling experience with your online bingo games.

1. Less is More-Try to play in games that are not overcrowded, this way you significantly increase your chance of not just winning but winning a fair size pot. The same is true as playing offline as playing online. The best time to play is when the operator is having a slow night. This is during the nights in the weeknights. Weekends are often a little more crowded and this lessens your chance.

2. Your Full Attention-Some online bingo players play several games at one time. It can be effective if you are a very good multi task player however for the vast majority this is not a wise thing to do. Only play the amount of games you can give a fair amount of attention to at once. The best bet is one game at a time.

3. Be Courteous-Playing bingo online can sometimes become rowdy; this is especially true because most players are anonymous apart from their screen names that for the most part made up. In other words online you can pretty much be who ever you want to be and so some players might not watch too much of what they say. It is important not to become boisterous and maintain courtesy among your fellow bingo players.

4. Shop Around-Do not limit yourself to just one bingo hall. Newer sites with better bonuses come online at alarming rate. It is important to shop around a little to find the best deals and bonuses.

5. Share-It is always good to share your winnings with a friend. This does not mean that you have to share all the time or give away a large part of your pot, but in a willing way give some of your winnings to a friend whose luck has not been a good as your own.

6. Make Friends- bingo is a community game which is about interactions with other bingo players. Sharing your experiences with others is just as important as getting a fullhouse with the least amount of numbers. Most online bingo sites have chat windows and forums for players to interact.

7. Bring a Friend or Relative- Some websites offer players incentives to refer a friend. You can get points and even cash. Apart from this simple fact, when you teach someone else how to play you are sharpening your skills and doing a good deed all at the same time.

8. A good bingo player knows when to quit. In all things moderation is good. Do not spend all your time or money playing bingo whether online or in a bingo hall. If you play with real money this tip is even more relevant. If you win a jackpot it is ok to take a break. If you have gambling problem seek professional help. Bingo is about relaxing and having a good time.

9. Share these tips with your bingo buddies.

10. Most of all have fun.

This article is the inspiration of the members of who share their many experiences in the bingo community. My name is Rory Brown, author, moderator and bingo enthusiast.

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