Roulette Strategies – The Painful Truth

The internet has changed many things and gambling is another one, now it’s possible to play play roulette online in the comfort of your own home. Of course this brings with it other issues not one being the accessibility and the danger of people thinking that they can make their living from gambling.

A lot of us true gamblers would certainly love to find a guaranteed roulette winning strategy and there’s no shortage boasting this all over the web. Usually they will come in extremely high-priced documents or reports but just as likely found free on a simple web page leading to a casino site. In fact there’s a very high probability that the tactic you buy will simply be the martingale strategy or at least some simple variant of it.

The Martingale system was initially used by French and German gamblers in the eighteenth century so by now there are numerous, many variances. The absolute simplest version though I’m certain you’ll have come across before. The concept is better explained by analysing a simple toss of the coin – you bet on heads initially and if you lose you continue to back ‘heads’ but double your stake every time.This in theory would eventually result in a win and a recover of all the preceding stakes.

However in reality because the stake requirements escalate so quickly then you will often end up with a huge loss.

The Martingale system is actually extremely loosely based on a mathematical assumption known as the “Gamblers Fallacy” which basically concludes that past occurrences can affect future results. Or in to explain in English if heads has come up to 10 times in a row – the next toss is more likely to come up tails – this I’m afraid is not true since the previous ten results haven’t any bearing on the next toss at all. Even if the ball on a casino wheel landed in red 25 times consecutively – the chances are still 50/50 (minus the 0 or house edge) on the subsequent spin.

Even if you actually have faith in the martingale system or several of it’s strange variants – it would be difficult to apply these days as even if you could afford it most casinos have limits on each bet that would prevent it. Most casinos haven’t actively deterred using Martingale though as they quite simply don’t lose by it. Each roulette winning strategy ought to be studied in the cold light of statistics before you decide to spend any money on it.

Of course statistics can only really be applied to the above situations where an event is truly random – the spin of a live roulette has so many outside factors affecting it that it extremely close to being completely random. An online roulette wheel is a different matter though as the spin is controlled by a computer.

Computers have always had a problem generating random numbers purely because they are programmed and so are always following deterministic code. All online casinos are run via computer algorithms and therefore are only as random as the underlying software.

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