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I’ve been playing roulette for many years now – I started long before the Internet was used by anyone but the US military and Swiss Cyber guys. Now the game has transferred online successfully it is being approached for the first time by many new players – so for them I’d like to list some simple Online casino roulette tips.

  • Never pay money for a roulette strategy – they’ll be worthless and you can find loads for free on the internet anyway
  • When playing online – always pick a European Roulette wheel with one zero
  • Try to look out for Tables that play ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’ they are to your advantage
  • Always pick a goal before starting if you make that goal quit for the day
  • Always decide your bankroll before hand – stick to it!
  • Never play roulette at an online Casino if you’re emotional or drunk
  • Remember it’s meant to be fun
  • Even money bets, columns are usually best odds depending on table
  • Worse odds are usually the 5 number combinations

Playing online roulette is a great way to learn the rules without the pressure but I can guarantee the real thing is the best experience. Before you play at any online casino try out the free games – it will give you a chance to check out the software and learn the rules of that casino. If you find you are winning all the time in the free game at a specific Casino an essential online casino tip is to walk away and find another one. It is irresponsible to manipulate the odds even when no money is at stake in my opinion.

One more tip – don’t get caught up in watching for sequences or due numbers when playing online roulette – the odds do not change for a red spin after 15 black spins in a row. There are lots of betting systems based on false mathematical systems – the most common one is the basis for the majority of ‘roulette secret’ strategies – it’s known as the Gamblers fallacy and you can read about it on this Wiki

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Online Casino Roulette tips – if you want to experience some of the thrills of real roulette online I can recommend a live casino in Dublin here.

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Remember to have fun and gamble sensibly


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