Live Roulette Online is Very Similar to Casino Roulette

Live roulette online is as interesting and captivating as the real game. The major difference between the real and the online game is that the players can see the dealer only through webcams. You can enjoy the comfort of your home and yet flirt with your luck in your favorite game, roulette. Online casino roulette game adheres to the same rules and regulations as that of the real game. As an online live roulette player you can choose from American and European roulette. The difference between the two types of roulette lies in the number of pockets on the roulette table. The European live roulette table consists of 37 pockets including zero (0). On the other hand, the American roulette table has 38 pockets as it has an extra pocket of double zero (00).

The game of live roulette online includes a table with numbered pockets and a spinning wheel with a ball. Online casino roulette will have a dealer who will take the bet of the players and spin the wheel. Each online player tries to guess the numbered pocket where the ball will finally drop when the wheel ceases to spin. The players place their bet and the dealer spins the wheel. The ball is then dropped on the spinning wheel in the opposite direction. Chances of winning are completely dependent on luck. However, chances are slightly more in European roulette as the number of pockets are less. Live roulette online players can place all sorts of bets including five number bets, inside bets, square bets, straight bets, street bets, and split bets. The bets are usually placed considering the odds, evens, range, and color of the numbered pockets.

This is rapidly increasing in popularity, as it is equally enticing for beginners and experts. Beginners can get accustomed to the rules of the game with the help of the free games. Once they get a hang of the game, they can try their luck with the actual game. Players can also win bonus points in the online version of live dealer roulette. Live roulette online can be mastered easily and is very thrilling. Regardless of whether you win or lose the game, enjoyment is guaranteed. Another bonus is that you do not have to pay a registration fee when you register with the online casinos.

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