Is Online Poker Less Fair? – Quick Overview

Anyone who’s played online poker has no doubt experience this situation. Someone has a great hand and someone else plays seemingly stupidly yet ends up winning against all odds. Whenever that happens there will likely be a lot of rude banter going on in the chat window with people whining that the game must be fixed and that that would never happen in a real live poker game.

Is it true though? Do the odds of online poker games play out differently than they would with a real deck in the real world? Or maybe those players making the lucky draws are actually cheating. Many are tempted to pick on that last idea, figuring it’s the best explanation as to why they keep losing. Of course, no one ever wants to consider the idea that maybe they just aren’t that good or that their luck has simply run out.

When it comes to the odds of online poker though, nothing is different. Poker sites are built around the idea of emulating the real world poker scenario and therefore they keep everything the same. Whatever the odds are of drawing a certain card when in a casino are the same odds when playing on the internet.

There are reasons though as to why there seem to be more bad beats when playing online. The big one is that there are more hands being played. The rate of play in an online poker room is usually double that of a game in the brick and mortar world. A lot of the time it’s even more than that. In an hour of online poker you may see more hands than you would have after a few hours in a casino.

A statistics showing that out of ten hands playing, one will end up a bad beat is very possible on online poker. This shows that online poker game players are more prone into bad beats. Compared to playing in a casino where one bad beat an hour is likely to occur, having it online doubles or even triples the unwanted chance.

Bad beats are also inevitable in internet because more and more players themselves are willing to take the risk of losing. Some knows the risk already but still decides to continue in the game but there are also those ones that don’t even know the risks that they are getting involved to. They must just be considering the fact that playing online has less pressured compared on playing it in the real world.

The other reason there are more risks being taken online is because many players are spending their time in the less expensive poker rooms. That means taking a dumb chance isn’t nearly as costly as it may be when sitting in a casino or at a friend’s table.

Many will easily believe that dirty tricks are present in online poker for the simple reason that it is done online. The people and cards that are involved in the game are only in the computer monitor. Compared to the real game where real people and real cards are dealt in front of their two eyes, free online poker is less unrealistic.

However, cheating has always been involved online so it will be impossible to get rid of this issue completely. But the reasons stated above should always be considered and remembered before reacting too much.

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