Introduction to Online Poker

Author: John Rooney

Online poker offers a very different scenario when compared to brick and mortar poker (also known as casino poker). For example the advantage of deciphering the other player’s body language and mannerism offer a lot of clue to you about what kind of cards he’s holding, whether he’s bluffing etc. these visual signs are known as poker tells. Also it allows beginners to try a hand at this card game for practice in the free games at first and then moving on to real betting. You can learn the rules and also get used to the game by practice before you move on to major bets or playing big in the casinos.

Before you start playing online poker, there are a number of things you need to know. You should know the rules well and practice playing as much as you can on a website where you can play free poker. You need to sign up on any website and look up to the ways in which you can control your money transactions. Online poker is quite different from a casino poker and you need to have a proper strategy. You can also learn about the poker bonus offered by the website and how to use it to your advantage. Playing it online, you won’t be able to pick up signs but there are other things that you will learn by experience.

In order to start playing online poker you need to sign up first. This is a very simple task. You will find different account types and options on different online poker card rooms. Some card rooms may not be very flexible with the depositing options (in compliance with card game regulations) hence you need to find out about the options you have. The different modes of transaction are through credit cards, personal check via email, courier, money order etc. On signing up you need not straight away go ahead with real betting. You don’t even have to deposit. As I have already mentioned, you can familiarize yourself with online poker through the free games till you get a hang of the betting atmosphere.

Coming to poker bonus, the site basically adds an amount to your initial bet according to a fixed percentage. A poker bonus can either be withdrawn along with the money won or it can be withheld by the website. The latter is called as sticky bonus or a non cashable bonus. Basically one can bet with this kind of bonus but not withdraw it. The sticky bonus may seem a non advantageous poker bonus but it definitely provides a lift to you percentage gain. Another kind is the cash back bonus. This kind of bonus, although very hard to find on most sites, returns a good percentage (around 25 %) of the lost cash to the player. Let me remind you that these bonuses are not present each time you bet and are mostly offers to promote increased sign up and membership from potential poker players.

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