Interesting Fact About Lotteries In The USA

Lotteries became popular all over the world. And the USA is not an exception. In this article we will tell you a little bit about the development of the lottery in the United States of America.

The first American lottery was held in Virginia in 1612. New entertainment became quite popular quickly. In addition, the lottery was the most simple and effective way to raise funds for financing of the army, schools, hospitals, orphanages, and all kinds of public works. So up to 1860 the social sphere of 24 states of America was largely developed due to profits from the lottery – cash draws were so popular.

Today, the lottery is an important source of revenue for local governments in the United States. By tradition, the gained money is spent on social needs: environment protection (Arizona), education (California, Georgia and Florida), sports (Maryland), health care and assistance to the elderly people(Pennsylvania), the culture and aid to veterans Army (Kentucky). Only in the last 40 years, America’s social sector has received from the lottery more than $ 200 billion.

Today there are 50 registered lotteries in 39 states. In this case, each state has only one lottery. There can be a lot of games, but their organization is entrusted to one company. All American numerical lotteries are established by the state commissions appointed by state governments. So they are absolutely legal and payment of winnings is guaranteed both to the U.S. citizens and foreigners. There are so-called interstate lotteries with simultaneous jackpot drawing in several states. These lotteries are, for example, Powerball.

Powerball is quite popular American lottery. It is one of the top games which are held in 30 states. Its greatest jackpot was $ 390 million. The reason lies in their great popularity and a huge number of participants. The advantage of the US lottery is that each person can participate in it.

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