From Old Games To Online Bingo Sites

The first time bingo was mentioned in history was in Italy, the year 1530. . From this point to the online bingo sites, over four hundred and seventy years had to pass. First developed in Italy, the game suffered many changes. In the beginning it was referred to as a lottery style game, its name being “Lo Giuoco Code Lotto”. Nowadays bingo is still played in Italy, not only on online bingo sites, but as a weekly national game.

It took two hundred and fifty years for Bingo to reach France where it got a makeover and was the favourite of the upper class, classified as a saloon game. Only two years later it also arrives in Germany, but with a totally different purpose. If in Italy and France it was only used for fun, in Germany, bingo became a tool for educational purposes; it helped in teaching math, history and even spelling.

North America changed its name to Beano where it reached 50 years later The game was played with small beans that the players placed on the numbers that were called, aiming to create a single straight line in any direction. The winner was supposed to call out “Beano!” when he or she first reached the desired combination. After a while the name was changed back to Bingo, after its original European name.

From the year 1934, the Bingo game became very popular in the American churches, being used to raise charitable founds. . This acknowledgement in the ecclesiastical world, made it even more popular to the masses; in 1968 it was included in the North America gaming act. Later on, in 1986, the United Kingdom also introduced it on a national level. Also, very interesting game is Hollywood bingo.

With Bingo’s popularity, the internet was a godsend for those who loved the game and enjoyed socializing globally though at a virtual level Many of these sites organize real life meetings and parties in different real locations to help their players bond and feel more like belonging to a family. Being so many players that invest time and money in this game, the owners of the sites organize more and more special events with huge jackpots and life changing prizes, posting the testimonials of the lucky winners on their internet pages. To avoid bad situations, the modern bingo has a back up team that can help when the attraction for this game becomes to much for some players. The passion each has for online games has to remain between some limits and any excess is closely monitored on the online bingo sites so that the game remains a game.

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