Free Online Blackjack Game Tips For Pros

Author: Aldrin Fortune

If you think you’re a pro blackjack player, here are free online blackjack game tips to help you improve your pro game even more.

Free Online Blackjack Game Pro Tip #1: Stick to the Basics

Any professional blackjack player knows that when playing the game, sticking to the basic rules is the best way to win. Do not stick to your gut feeling, the vibe of the cards or your hunch. Rely more on logic, how the game basically runs and your odds on winning. If you stick to that instead of relying on ‘feeling the game,’ you have more chances of winning and less chances of draining your bank account.

If you are playing pro blackjack, you might be into card counting. It is an art form and it does help you win, but it would still be wise to stick to the basic strategies of the game. Following basic strategy does not remove the house edge in the equation to tip it in your favor, but it will decrease (significantly) the edge of the house.

Free Online Blackjack Game Pro Tip #2: Betting Limits on Blackjack

Since you consider yourself a pro, you might think that you can win big and bet more than your bankroll’s limits. Do not bet more than 5 percent of your bankroll in a game. Trust us, or your time in the casino or online will be quick. For example, you have $100 and you bet on a table that has a minimum $20. You can quickly lose that $100 in just 5 games and perhaps in less than an hour.

When you bet only five percent of the money in your bank, you have to lose 10 straight games to finish your money. So, the more games or hands you play, the more you can win and lose. If you are to stay within the five percent limit, then you depreciate the house edge to two percent.

Free Online Blackjack Game Pro Tip #3: Double Down When the Timing is Right

Apply the double down with the right timing. Double down to increase the expectations you have.
As you realize in this pro blackjack stage, blackjack is basically a game of limiting your losses when you have the odds against you. You double down or increase your odds when it is in your favor.

So, when do you double down? Double down if you see a pair of cards with the same rank as the original deal. Always put that double down when you get an ace. You can double down when you get a 10 and the dealer’s card is 9 or less than that. You can also double down if you get a 9 and the next card you are dealt with is 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17. On the other hand, you double down if the dealer gets a 6, 5 or 4.

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