Fixed Limit Vs Pot Limit Poker

Low limit poker has become a mainstay as a preferred table for many card players. It offers the opportunity to see more flops, requiring less of an investment than its counterparts, high stakes and tournament play. There are two types of limit poker that may cause a little confusion as to how they are played: Fixed limit poker and Pot limit poker. It is important to know the different between these two types of games before sitting down to a table and playing.

Fixed limit poker-this type of poker remains a constant when it comes to betting. Unlike tournament play, fixed limit betting will remain the same at any given time of the game-ten hours later or two weeks, it doesn’t matter. Fixed limit poker is a great way for an amateur to learn how to play. Card experience can be gained for a nominal price. This doesn’t mean that a player should throw money away just to get the experience. Experience is not experience unless something is learned. It is important to realize fixed limit can offer this.

Pot limit poker-though it may sound similar to fixed limit, it is not. On the contrary; pot limit poker can be become a very expensive game very quickly, even with low stakes. Beware of the aggressive player on a pot limit table, for he/she will use this tactic of bluffing to bet a passive player off a hand with nothing.

The main difference in the betting style is that pot limit means that the person betting can bet the size of the pot. In a $1 game, this can become very expensive by the river, especially if three or more players remain in the hand. Starting with a small blind of $.50 and a big blind of $1.00, let’s say the first player bets the pot, which makes it $3.00. The second player raises the pot to $6.00. The third player raises the pot to $12.00.

Finally, the fourth player raises the pot to $24.00. This is pre-flop, and it all started with $1.50. It is easy to see how this can exponentially become an expensive game by the river. It takes a large bankroll to play pot limit poker, no matter what the starting ante.

Understand the variations of betting, and play within your means weather it is pot limit poker or fixed limit poker. Playing the wrong game could cost an entire bankroll in one or two hands that has taken months to build by playing low limit poker.

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