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What I am going to talk about on here is
How would you like the chance to own a virtual Horse which you can race for money or for free.
If you are a beginner we will go through everything you need to know from Training to selecting suitable races.
This is your chance to own a Thoroughbred Virtual Racing horse with the chance of winning upto £1500.Well that is the good news heres the bad news out of all the horses on the website there are only approximatley 1% of horses capable of winning these races.The good news is anyone has the chance of picking one of these Beauties up.
Not only that you can try this game for free all you have to do is register and you get your first horse for free and there are free races which you can put this horse in, you can also watch your horse run fingers crossed it wins.WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF VIRTUAL HORSE RACING

Welcome to the world of virtual horse racing.
When you first register with Raceclubs you will be given a free horse,Nice i know but dont get excited it will be a Grade 3 horse and it will be trained already.


There are 3 ways to acquire horses either Buy horses from the Sales ring, Auction or Claiming races.

This can be a great way to start your new stable due to the fact you can pick and choose which horses you want.
Firstly you need to get a guide on what sort of ability a horse needs to compete at the level you want to race.
Next you need to email the owners who have horses in the auction to get the time trials so you can compare the tts to the guide.

Claiming is the best way of building your stable it works out a lot cheaper plus you can pick a lot of decent sorts up if you study the form and ask the owners for time trials,but remember some owners may have overlooked the potential of these horses and not really tested it on different conditions or distances.


Well all horses come from the sales ring but if you do decide to venture into the sales ring be very careful because some of them are not worth racing unless you have buckets of money to throw away.But then again you could pull out a champion so this is your choice personally i would play this game with a outlook to understand how it works and learn the game before i committed to the sales ring.
When you are on the main page of raceclubs there are menu bars across the top hover over market and click on Buy in sales ring.
your first option is to choose the colour of your horse,then whether you are buying with bonus credits or cash and the number of horses you require,if you are buying with cash you are better buying in bulk because you get extra horses for every 5 you buy.Have fun naming your horse but dont put anything rude it will get rejected.
Your next option is whether you want a colt or filly and wether you want it to be 2 or 3 years old.
Now you decide wether to pay the supplementary fee or not this can be a tough one because if you dont have the supplementary fee paid and your horse is a challenge class horse you will have to pay £62 so your horse can run in the Challenge series.
Now you just press the add to basket button your next page will load up showing your order if you have checked the order and everything is in order click the confirm button and thats it you have pruchased your horses.RACE SELECTION

There are 34 jockeys all ranked from 1 to 34 according to there win percentage. This is just about the only thing in this game you have no control over, i.e you cannot choose which Jockey you have riding your horse it is picked randomly we will get to how later.
What you can tell from which jockey you have got on your horse is whether or not the horse runs above its level or below.

How the race is run
Right so now we know a little about the Jockeys now to find out how the race runs and the jockeys are picked for each horse, so we have entered our horse in a race and its 5 minutes before the race and your horse gets to know which stall it comes out of, 2 seconds before it runs now for the clever bit, There is a race generator generates a random number lets say these are between 1 and 7 because there are 7 runners in the race(this is just an example it may not be so simple) and lets your horse draws number 3, then the random generator picks 7 jockeys out of the list at random, Due to you getting the number 3 i.e 3rd highest random you will be allocated the the 3rd highest placed jockey which has been randomly picked, now the race generator does a lot of equations taking into account the going, distance, horses fitness, track, horses preferences, horses time trials and the random factor you have been given, all this in a split second. Now the generator turns all the equations it has just worked out and generates it into an animated race.So what do we do now?.

Working out how your horse has run

Now we have a result we can work from so lets carry on from above, your horse has been given the 3rd highest random and won the race lets say for arguements sake, what this tells us is the horse has raced above itself because it beat its random by 2 which is a good result.
Now lets say the horses finished last we can tell the horse has run below itself and have to ask ourselfs why was it the wrong going, distance, was we running the horse above its ability.
This also works if you are claiming horses you check their race history and see if they have beat their random in most of their races if they have then you would probably be looking at a bargain provided they were on low wins because you can easily make your money back.

Race Types
Challenge Series-This is were the best of the best compete for the Biggest prize money events if you have not got a horse that is hitting time trials that have been advised then i would stay away from this, however there are consolation races and if your horse is just under the challenge timetrials i would advise race your horse so it ends up in one of these races.
2 year olds there are also the Monthly leagues same again you will find a lot of quality horses in here but as above there are consolation races if your horse does not qualify for the outright final, if you have a horse just under the challenge timetrials i would go for this type of race.horses

Level weights/wfa – What you will find here is that once the Top horses have a lot of wins they start to run at this level so if you have a good to very good horse i would avoid these races.
This is the top level of racing for Grade 2 horses and if you have a Grade 2 horse is hitting the numbers at the top end of the Grade 2 timetrial chart this is where you should be racing these horses.
Sadly there are none of these races in Grade 3 in this Grade you only have the divisional campaign,claiming races or rated races.gambling

Divisional Races – In Grade 1 you have High and Low races here, but in Grade 2 and 3 you only have Standard A Division.

Very Good horse Grade 1 or 2 with these horse you would be aiming to take your horse on a campaign through the high stakes divisional races which carry added money or added bonus credits.

Good Horses Grade 1/2/3 with these horses you will be aiming to send them on a campaign through the Low Divisional races which carry added cash or added bonus credits.

Any horses that are below this level we will look at now where to race them.

Average Horses:-
There are 2 choices we have here.
1) as a friend said to me if your horses are below average let them sleep until they are 4 years old by this time the better horses will have moved through the divisions leaving the bottom end of the divisional campaigns for the lesser horses to compete in.

2) The only other place for these horses at their current age is racing them in claiming races until there weight is low enough to win an allowance weight for single sex races i would say around 105lbs and for mix sex races 105lb for colts and 75lbs for fillies but i would stick to the low stake allowance races.

In Grade 2 if you have any average horses you could try them in rated races, but it will take a while for you to get your horses rating low enough to win and once you have won or placed your rating will go up 1-3 points.You could also run them in low claimers and if they have a 8-10 no win run then they should be ready to go for the allowance races.

Rated Races You find these in every Grade yet you dont find many Grade 1 horses running rated races the way this works is your horse is given a rating when it is born according to what Grade it is Grade 1 is 123, Grade 2 is 100 and Grade 3 is 77, Rate racing are so called due to the handicapping being based on the rating of a horse. Rating of a horse fluctuates based on success in Rated Races.So if your horse Wins or places in a rated race its rating goes up (depending on how many runners) If your horse finishes out of the top 4 postions in a race its rating goes down, the top weight you can carry in a rated race is 140lbs and for every point you are below the top horses rating you get a 2lb allowance.

No matter what Grade you are running in always have a plan and if it is not working then try and analyze why your horse is having such a bad run are you racing it at the right level, is the distance right, how about the going is your horse getting jockeys that are no good if so is your horse beating better jockeys. Then you can decide where to go from there.

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