Difference Between Traditional Poker Game and Online Poker Game

Author: James Gavin

Poker is a game of skill, risk-taking, chance and luck. A player must be attentive, must know his opponents well and must take decisions quickly with confidence in order to win. There are certain differences between playing traditional poker game in Casinos and playing it online over the internet. As in traditional poker game, players sits across each other thus they can observe each other’s reactions and body language whereas in an online poker game, this is not possible.

In online poker game, players have to depend highly on betting models, swiftness in playing, usage of check boxes; opponents fold and flop percentages, chat box, anticipating for the blind game and other behavior patterns that are not physical in nature. In traditional casino rooms, certain time is taken to complete each hand. As the dealer has to collect the cards, shuffle it and deal them after every hand is completed. Due to this delays and other delays that are common in the traditional casinos, on an average, twenty five to thirty hands can be played in an hour.

Compared to the traditional play, online casinos have no such delays as the shuffling and dealing is rapid. Also, there are no delays in counting chips and with the help of auto-action buttons; a player can choose his action before his turn. Due to these advantages and the time saved due to the swiftness in play; in online poker table on average eighty five to ninety hands can be played in an hour.


Another major difference between traditional poker and online poker game is that in the traditional poker game, if player wants to enhance his earnings, he has to enhance his limit; whereas in an online poker game, players can play multiple tables at the same time and thus can enhance his earnings. In the traditional poker game it is impossible to play more tables at the same time as the player has to be physically present at the table in order to play whereas in online poker game, a player can play multiple tables anywhere ranging from four to ten tables at a same time screening each in a separate window on the computer display. However, the number of tables that can be played at the same time also varies site to site. Hence, in an online poker game, probability of wining increases as the player can play more tables at the same time making best use of one’s skills and knowledge of the game.


Another noteworthy feature of the online poker is that some of the poker rooms provide online poker school that teaches the basics of the game and considerably speed up the learning process for the learners. Many of the online poker rooms also provide option to play free poker without any money involved so that learners can practice their skills by playing money free poker without any risk involved of losing real money. Also, using a poker hand converter available on such learning sites, learner can analyze history of played hands thus he can enhance his understanding about the online poker game. Lastly, the limits linked with online poker are much lesser than the limits linked with the traditional casinos. In the traditional poker game, the minimum limits are often $1 whereas in online poker sites (i.e. gambling sites); the player can find minimum limits as little as $0.01.

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