Casino Strategy For Your Gambling Vacation

So you are going to a Casino? Do you have a Casino Strategy? If not, you had better get one quick. Casinos are wonderful places to entertain yourself and your friends. They offer great food, entertainment and never, ever close. The employees are helpful and friendly and can handle almost any situation. However, without a casino strategy you can leave a lot more in the casino then you had planned on. Like all your money, your saving’s account, your retirement fund and more.

To have a great time, really enjoy yourself, and want to go back again, a plan is necessary. First, realize that you want to make a killing and come home rich enough to quit your job, travel around the world, and never have to worry about money again. This is why all of us go. Second, realize that the fact is, the casinos are in business and stay in business because this does not happen. The reality is the casinos get your money and you get to have a good time. Third, to have a good time, you need to limit how much of your money the casinos get. If you do win, great! It was a fantastic vacation. If you did not win, Okay, you still had fun.

Now for the plan:

A. It is a vacation, a trip, an adventure. It has a value to you. How much money are you willing to spend for this adventure? How much money do you have to spend for this adventure?

B. After you consider the costs of the trip, the room and the meals, how much is left to gamble with. Yes, gamble. We will cover that next.

C. You take your gambling money, also known as entertainment funds, and divide it by the number of days you plan to be in the Casino. This is the maximum amount you should spend (Lose) per day. Once you reach this limit, go do something else. If you do not reach this limit because the Gods are smiling, great. When you get tired, go do something else or sleep, or dine, or see a show.

D. Leave, repeat, leave your debit card and credit cards at home, with a friend, locked in the hotel safe. Anywhere but in your pocket. Remember drinks are cheap and do affect your reasoning.

E. Decide how you are going to gamble. Do you have a favorite game or slot machine? Is there a way to practice?

If so practice. Learn all you can about the game. The odds are stacked in the casino’s favor. Give yourself all the advantages you can. Do you play 21? Get a card deck and play or go online and find a free site to play. Learn, relearn and learn again the “rules” of the game. Do you play poker? Again, practice, practice, practice. Have your friends come over and play for fun. Play online at sites that allow US casino players. Just play, play, play. Use your casino strategy to go, to have fun, and come home able to go back again.

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