Bluffing in online poker

Author: John Rooney

Poker, be it online or in a casino, is so incomplete without bluffing. Bluffing is basically pretending to have a great hand by betting on a weak one hoping to scare away your opponents and make them fold. Had online poker or casino poker not had this feature, then it would have become like any other casino game with only luck on your side and no strategy whatsoever involved in it. The best cards would always win and poker would not be as charming as we now know it to be. The winners stand out not just because they had a great hand but also because they can manage to bluff their way through a weak one and still take away the pot.

Playing online poker is quite different from playing poker in a casino. But the essence of the game almost remains the same. Here too, you need to bluff to make the game more interesting. You can increase your chances of winning by bluffing more. Of course, this means that you might lose more too but there is no point if you don’t take some risks. You should also keep in mind that other players will also bluff and hence, you need a lot of planning, strategy and experience to win the game.

Bluffing is important no doubt, but the threat that someone’s bluffing and the suspense, which drives opponents to change their decisions as time passes, can change the route the game would have taken to a great extent. In online poker, a pro ensures that his bluffing is in the right balance and he neither bluffs too much to become predictable nor bluffs too little to weaken his chances at winning the pot. But only being great bluffing is not enough. Your online poker opponents will also try to bluff you out of the pot and you need to see through it. Not being able to do so every time does not make you any weak as a player. Calculated risk taking is your ally and not soothsaying!

The threat of you bluffing can be equally contributory to you winning the pot in online poker. If your opponent thinks you are bluffing when you are not because you have a good hand, the good hand and the miscalculation of your opponent will drive up the money you win. Bluffing many players at a time is not exactly what I would like to call playing safe on online poker. Don’t give up on bluffing if you are caught a couple of times. It will only increase the confidence of your opponents and lead them to fall for your trap even when you are not bluffing and actually have a good hand.

So make sure you bluff right and in the right amount. And let me remind you to make the maximum of the poker bonus out there in most card rooms. There is sign up poker bonus and also poker bonus for regulars. So keep bluffing and enjoy your poker bonus!

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