Bingo And Its Common Terms

Bingo Game and Its Common Terms

There are many casino games as well as other gambling games that can be played online, but regardless where you plan to gamble, you must perfectly know the rules of the game. The same happens with playing bingo; one has to get a good grasp of this game rules and regulations.

They can be obtained from various online forums, blogs and other informative websites. If you want to be familiar with the terms related to bingo game, read on and you will find out more about them and their importance.

* Bingo playing cards – they represent the print ed cards with numbers that are exclusively distributed among the players to play the game. They are formatted in 5×5 grid squares with 25 numbers printed on them.

Manufacturers usually print them in a number of 6,000 cards, but they could be also found on the market in a number of 9,000 pieces. Hard cards generally come with series number, such as it is with the card number 1200 that has usually the same numbers printed on the same spaces.

* Bingo marker – is a crayon that is used in covering the numbers that are called or displayed by the electronic board.

* Blackout – represents one of the patterns played in bingo games. When the game is played in blackout, this means that you must cover all the number on your cards in order to win bingo. There are 75 numbers, but generally covering 50 or 60 can be enough for the blackout option.

* The caller – is the person who calls the numbers as they are randomly extracted by the machine.

* The cash-in prize – is the form of bingo wherein winners get their prizes in cash. The amount will be the total of the money that was paid in for the game.

* Chat-room – is the place offered for the players to discuss in the game and their particular views related to a specific topic.

* Coverall – is also a game type of bingo where the player can win when is marking or covering all those numbers he gets on his bingo card and have been called by the caller.

* Dauber – is the name of a marker that players are using to check the numbers that are called. It works quite easily, the top of the pen is made by a foam that gets impregnated with ink whenever you press it upside down.

* Early bird game – this is a bingo game which is set to start much earlier than a scheduled game. Most of the times it is considered the first one to start a bingo full session (the Warm Up bingo game).

* Face – it is the format that the bingo playing card represents. It contains 24 numbers together with the free space placed in the middle of the card.

* Four corners – it is a pattern that players must reach to in order to win a session where all the four corners should be covered.

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