Advantages Of Engaging In An Online Poker Tournament Over Traditional Poker

Author: Christie Justice

An online poker tournament is one where the game of poker, defined as any of varied card games played by two or more people who place bets on the value of their hands, is played over the Internet. It has been estimated that revenues from online poker, which made its debut in the late 1990’s, have risen from about $83 million in 2001 to over $3 billion in 2009. It is of note that online poker is legal and prevalent throughout the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. Efforts have been taken to declare the legality of Internet gambling in the United States, but as of this time, online poker is still not permitted in the US. There are many advantages that online poker poses over the traditional game of poker played in casinos. These include the ability to play poker within the comfort of his or her own home, being able to engage in a poker game at any time of day, standing a greater chance to win the game, and consistently getting more for your buck an online poker games. To begin, a person can play in an online poker tournament within the comfort of his or her own home. There is no need to travel to a casino and mingle with strangers to play the game. The only thing a person needs is an Internet connection and a comfortable place to sit. It is noteworthy as well that poker novices can take advantage of the many online poker skill schools available to aid them in sharpening their poker abilities over time. Another advantage of engaging in an online poker tournament over a traditional one is that a person can join tournaments at any time during the day. They are not beholden to a casino or anyone else’s schedule. Online poker sites never close for business; they are open 24/7, at all times of day. This can especially be an attribute of interest for busy professionals who would like to engage in a few poker games but do not have the time to travel to a casino, which is most likely not anywhere near his or her home.

A person’s having a greater chance of winning a poker game is yet another advantage of online poker tournaments over traditional ones held at casinos. This is since with online tournaments, a person has an increased chance to play more hands in a given hour while the automation of dealing makes the hand speeds greater. This thus increases a person’s chance of winning. Furthermore, the online poker player, unlike a casino poker player, can constantly check his or her performance with statistics available online that indicate how well the he or she is performing overall. This allows the online poker player to pinpoint areas that he or she needs to work on so as to help him or her win more hands in the future. Last but not least, it is much cheaper to attend an online poker tournament than it is to go to one at a casino. A casino trip entails travel, food, and beverage costs, as well as tips for casino staff members. These costs all dip into a poker player’s profits. None of these expenses apply to online poker tournaments.

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